The APDerm advantage means that you can expect only the best dermatological care when you visit any of our locations. The APDerm Network of Practices is committed to quality and safety and making sure that our patients receive the appropriate medical and surgical dermatological treatment in an environment that is warm, calm, hygienic and patient-centered. 


We live in the 21st century, with technological advancements and innovation constantly changing and optimizing the way we live. The world of dermatology is no different. There are always new and improved drugs, procedures and treatment options becoming available to improve the way we administer care. 

At APDerm, we ensure that we stay up to date with relevant industry trends. We do this by providing ample support to our clinicians, providing them with continuous education and collaboration with esteemed medical peers to give patients a more thorough examination or an accurate diagnosis. 


The safety of our staff and patients is our number one concern. One way that this is ensured is by having a strict hygiene protocol. This has to be adhered to by all APDerm practices at all times.

When it comes to performing procedures, our board-certified doctors are all well-trained in their specialization and continue to undergo frequent upskilling to hone their craft and expand on their skill set. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of medical and cosmetic dermatology and helping our communities maintain happy, healthy skin.

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Chief Financial Officer

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