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TNS Advanced + Serum is the next generation technology in Growth Factor products from SkinMedica, the leader in growth factor technology.  This new serum is a completely new formulation with new features, benefits and outcomes.

As skin ages, its rejuvenative processes perform less efficiently. One key reason is a lack of cellular communication, which can
accelerate the loss of collagen and impair skin elasticity. At SkinMedica®, we are the industry leader in skin rejuvenation
because we target one of the primary causes of visible skin aging—diminishing growth factors.

By supporting growth factors in skin we address visible signs of aging, including:
+ Coarse wrinkles
+ Fine lines
+ Sagging skin
+ Uneven tone and texture
For 12 years, TNS Essential Serum®, our proprietary growth factor complex, has provided patients with revitalized, healthy-looking
skin. And now, we’re taking it to the next level…


In our clinical study, patients saw dramatic improvements.

          • 6 YEARS YOUNGER
            A third-party, validated psychometric scale revealed that
            patients felt they looked up to 6 years younger after 12 weeks.
            Significant improvements in the appearance of sagging skin
            after 8 weeks.
            Subjects felt increasingly more satisfied with continued use
            measured over 24 weeks.

Reverse the signs of aging today.


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