Excisions / Repairs

In dermatology, excisions are a standard and versatile procedure. They are done to remove skin cancers, moles and other lesions. This method is used to ensure that all of the affected tissue is removed, reducing the risk of it metastasizing.

Skin irregularities can also be removed for cosmetic reasons or if you experience bouts of inflammation or discomfort.

Dermal Excisions: What to Expect

During an excision, the affected tissue and a small amount of the surrounding tissue are removed from the skin. These procedures are performed under a local anesthetic to prevent pain as the lesion is removed with a scalpel. After it’s removed, it goes to a pathologist for examination.

Excisions are also a popular way to eradicate uncomfortable contracture scars. If a large area is removed, a skin graft or skin flap can help to restore the appearance to some extent. Doing so can also improve the patient’s movement and flexibility.

After the excision, the wound is dressed and patients are given thorough aftercare instructions by their doctor. Depending on the area in which it was performed, it can take between one and two weeks for the wound to heal. Pain is generally minimal, and regular Acetaminophen can be used to provide relief.

It’s important to keep in mind that, while performed carefully by trained professionals, excisions will leave some scarring. At APDerm, our doctors ensure that they are as neat and discreet as possible. If aftercare is carried out as instructed, a scar should reduce in size and fade over the course of a few months. They can also be treated using laser therapy or microneedling.

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