Complex Medical Dermatology

Some skin conditions and disorders are easy to diagnose and treat. Others, however, are a lot more complicated. At APDerm, our staff are well-versed not only in common, everyday dermatological concerns but the rarer and more complicated cases, too.  Not all dermatology centers are able to treat every type of skin condition. We provide care… Read more »


Unexplained rashes are one of the main reasons that people go to see a dermatologist. There are so many different types that can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from allergies to viral infections. They can be small or cover large sections of the body and be different shades of purple, red or… Read more »

Pediatric Dermatology

The skin of babies and young children is more delicate than adults. This sensitivity means that they are often more vulnerable to skin conditions and infections. Some of these issues are age-specific, such as cradle cap and diaper rash while others, such as eczema or hair disorders or birthmarks, could require long-term management. This is,… Read more »

Infectious Diseases

While most skin rashes are not a major cause for concern, others are infectious and easily transmitted between people. They can be a result of germs entering the body either via a weakened immune system or an open wound.  Infectious diseases of the skin can be caused by: Viruses Shingles, warts, herpes (cold sores) and… Read more »

Skin of Color Aesthetics

While most skin conditions are colorblind in that they affect all races, skin of color has different needs. This is especially true when it comes to the treatment of conditions such as hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring, but even the smallest lesions can leave noticeable scars. Add to that: darker skin can be further damaged by… Read more »

Blistering Disorders

Blistering skin disorders are conditions in which there are fluid-filled skin lesions on the body. Blistering disorders are different from the typical blister you may get from wearing a new pair of shoes and often require testing to diagnose. Although there are several types of blistering disorders, the most common stem from autoimmune conditions and… Read more »

Acne Scarring

If you have acne scars—you are not alone! Acne scarring is a direct result from the most common skin condition in the United States – acne. Acne scarring occurs when there has been a permanent change in the fibrous connective tissue of the skin. Damage to your skin is caused by inflamed blemishes breaking the… Read more »

Earlobe Repair

Aside from being important from a normal appearance standpoint, earlobes serve as a popular location for jewelry. Often, earlobes are pierced to fit various forms of adornments, ranging from little studs to larger and heavier items. Earlobes are comprised of a small amount of fatty tissue covered by soft skin. Excessive weight or trauma can… Read more »

Spider Veins and Varicose Veins Treatments

A common cosmetic concern for both men and women, spider veins are characterized by clusters of dark red or purple veins that branch out in a spider leg appearance on the face, legs or ankles. Varicose veins are caused by a disruption in the natural flow of blood through the veins, causing them to bulge… Read more »