Complex Medical Dermatology

Some skin conditions and disorders are easy to diagnose and treat. Others, however, are a lot more complicated. At APDerm, our staff are well-versed not only in common, everyday dermatological concerns but the rarer and more complicated cases, too. 

Not all dermatology centers are able to treat every type of skin condition. We provide care for patients who have complex dermatological needs. Our team of board-certified dermatologists have received extensive training and specialize in the treatment of even the most complicated or advanced skin concerns, infections or disorders. 

To ensure that we get the correct diagnosis, we take our time with patients so that we can ascertain their specific needs. We also collaborate with various specialists and industry experts to create comprehensive and effective treatment plans. Click here to view our cutting-edge research and clinical trials in the field of dermatology. 

Some complex medical skin conditions only affect the epidermis, while others affect other parts of the body as well. They are usually a result of:

This is why expertise in both dermatology and internal medicine is crucial when it comes to finding a way to cure, or manage, them. 

At APDerm, we offer advanced treatment options using only the best tools and techniques that deliver outstanding results. Our holistic, collaborative approach is what helps our patients get to the bottom of their skin problems so that they can get on the path to recovery. 

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