Skin of Color Aesthetics

While most skin conditions are colorblind in that they affect all races, skin of color has different needs. This is especially true when it comes to the treatment of conditions such as hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring, but even the smallest lesions can leave noticeable scars. Add to that: darker skin can be further damaged by certain dermatological treatments, especially when performed incorrectly. 

Skin of Color Concerns

Dark skin offers better UV protection because it contains larger melanin cells. It is, however, more like than fair skin to develop pigmentation problems. In the past, many of the treatment options available would exacerbate rather than diminish it. This is why one of the top skin concerns facing people of color is postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can come from injury or controlled treatment. Cases of melasma can also be more severe in people with a darker skin tone. 

One popular treatment that used to be unavailable to people of color was laser hair removal because of the marks this treatment would leave behind. Skin cancer can also present itself differently in darker skin, meaning that extra consideration has to be taken to ensure a correct diagnosis. 

New and Improved Technology

Fortunately, technology in the field of dermatology has come a long way and continues to improve at a rapid pace. This means that most treatments – when performed in a careful and considered way by a trained healthcare professional – can be both effective and safe for everyone. 

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