Tiffany Tibbets Newman

Sr. Director of Marketing

About Tiffany Tibbets Newman

Tiffany Tibbets Newman joined APDerm in June 2019 as the Director of Marketing. Prior to joining APDerm, Tiffany oversaw the branding and integrated marketing for, a market leading dental savings plan company, where her strategic marketing efforts resulted in five of the most profitable years in the company’s 20-year history. Here, she spent nearly a decade accelerating brand growth, and efficiently driving customer acquisition and retention with innovative branding and marketing strategies.

Tiffany has spent her career in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, retail and media. Her passion for marketing and understanding consumer needs has made an indelible impact throughout her career – increasing sales, improving customer experience and loyalty, and expanding each company’s brand awareness and reach. She has a customer-centric, ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial spirit, with a growth and resolution mindset. Tiffany is excited to help advance APDerm’s mission to expand patient access to quality care, and be the Partner of Choice for Dermatology in New England.

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