Education and Teaching

At APDerm, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront when it comes to providing expert dermatological care. We are also continuously striving to improve so that our patients receive the most effective treatment for their skin conditions. 

We do this by allowing our providers the opportunity and encouraging them to upgrade, develop and hone new skills in this specialized medical field. They do this by attending various industry workshops and seminars, keeping them on the cutting edge when it comes to knowledge and execution. 

Our APDerm providers also participate in training the next generation of clinicians, both in formal and informal settings. We offer graduates the opportunity to join our family and become part of our gap year internship program. This will give them invaluable real-world insights and hands-on experience before going on to med school. 

Many of our dermatologists retain their affiliations to academic centers. We continue to utilize the unique experience and resources that we have to give back to future clinicians in dermatology. The clinical trials and research undertaken by our providers are testament to the commitment of the APDerm Network of Practices to take significant strides in the dermatological field.  

All APDerm healthcare providers are responsible for educating patients. This can range from providing comprehensive aftercare instructions to information on how to care for their and their family’s skin. 

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