Bad skincare habits to break in 2024

Some of your skincare habits might be causing damage to your complexion. Here are six to stop doing this year for healthy skin.

Is one of your resolutions for 2024 going to be to get your skin glowing? There are a few common skincare habits that might be standing in the way of you reaching this goal. Here are six to stop doing immediately for a healthy complexion this year (and beyond).

HABIT #1: Sleeping in makeup

Did you get home late from a night out and can’t keep your eyes open? Try to remove your makeup even if you can’t face a full routine. Not removing it clogs pores which can lead to breakouts and, long term, can lead to the formation of fine lines.

HABIT #2: Picking your skin

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, picking at zits can lead to scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Secondly, you are transferring germs from your hands onto your face and into open wounds, which can lead to infection.

HABIT #3: Overloading on products

‘Skinfluencers’ and viral trends might make you think that you need an elaborate skincare routine to get the results you want. In reality, less is more and it’s about using effective ingredients that are recommended by legitimate skin experts.

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HABIT #4: Not washing your tools

There’s little point in going to great lengths to keep your skin clean if they are going to come into contact with dirty tools! Both makeup and skincare tools should be washed regularly to avoid them becoming built up with product and bacteria.

HABIT #5: Skipping the sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for beach days and outdoor activities – it’s an everyday must! UV rays can still reach your skin in winter, so it should be applied 365 a year to minimize the risk of sun damage, such as hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer.  This is especially important if you plan to hit the ski slopes.

HABIT #6: Not sleeping enough

It’s important for adults to get between seven and nine hours of sleep for optimal brain and body functioning. During this time, our skin also regenerates, so we need enough of it for our complexion to glow (and to keep under-eye bags at bay!).

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