Can dermatologists remove tattoos?

Can dermatologists remove tattoos?

Got embarrassing tattoos you wish would disappear? With laser therapy, dermatologists can make that wish come true! 

Did you know that around 145 million Americans have tattoos? Recent research also revealed that women are leading the trend, with 59% of them having some ink as opposed to 41% of men! A survey conducted in 2021 showed that 12% of those with tattoos regret their decision. If you are one of them, the field of dermatology can help! 

Can dermatologists remove tattoos?

How Are Tattoos Removed? 

When you decide to get a tattoo, people may warn you to reconsider because it’s permanent. But dermatological technologies and treatments are innovating at an extraordinary pace, meaning there are now great options available for regretted skin decisions.

The most effective treatment used by dermatologists to remove tattoos is laser treatment. Not unlike laser hair removal, it is done over the course of a few sessions using a pigment-detecting laser. A high-intensity laser beam targets and breaks down the color particles in the skin so they are dispersed and absorbed or excreted by the body. While there is some level of discomfort involved, it’s not as painful as many expect it to be. And the results are generally worth it!

Laser Tattoo Removal: What to Expect 

After your session, you will notice that the area is hot and inflamed, which should subside. The area can also form scabs and blisters. These should not be picked! You should avoid sun exposure, exercise, and submerging yourself in water until the area is fully healed. This generally takes about two weeks.

It is advisable to space out your sessions so they are about ten to twelve weeks apart to allow your skin time to heal and for your body to remove the ink. How many treatments you’ll require and how long each session lasts will depend on the size and pigment density of your tattoo as well as how your body responds.

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