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Can Nail Slugging Restore Your Dry Hands This Winter?

Nail slugging is trending on social media and is an effective way to relieve and restore dry, cracked winter hands and nailbeds. Read on to find out why this trend is popular and how you can do it at home.

There are *loads* of different skincare hacks, techniques, and trends that exist on social media. Many of them are best avoided. Occasionally, however, something starts trending that has some validity to it. One of the latest to do the rounds online – nail slugging – can work to soothe and restore dry, chapped, and cracked winter hands.

What exactly does this slimy-sounding trend entail? Here’s how it works.

The lowdown on nail slugging

If you type ‘nail slugging’ into TikTok, you’ll be met with tons of videos with a combined viewing of over 100, 000. This shows how popular it has become over the last few months – and that’s because, if done correctly, it can really work! It should be performed just before bedtime so that you get the most benefit.

Can Nail Slugging Restore Your Dry Hands This Winter?

Here’s how to perform this skin-soothing and healing ritual at home to restore your hands.

STEP 1: First you need to ensure that your hands are clean. Wash them thoroughly with a soap that doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils. You can also use a gentle scrub to exfoliate any dead skin away.

STEP 2: Next, you add some much-needed nourishment to your nails and cuticles. Apply a dot on each finger and massage it into your skin. If necessary, you can wipe the oil residue off the pads of your fingers.

STEP 3: Once the oil has been absorbed, grab a rich, moisturizing hand cream, and apply a generous amount to your hands. Massage the cream into your hands until all the skin is coated and it has fully absorbed.

STEP 4: Now that your hands are moisturized, it’s onto the last product. Coat your hands in an occlusive balm. This forms a layer that locks in moisture and the other products you’ve used so that they can work their magic.

STEP 5: The last step is the one that will keep all the products on your hands (and off your sheets!) – pop on a pair of gloves. Rubber ones work best as the products can absorb into fabric ones.


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