Give your skin some TLC this Month of Love with these tips

It’s the Month of Love and what better time to show your skin how much you care? Here are tips to give your complexion a treat.

It’s the Month of Love – a time to celebrate the people we care about most. On top of that list, of course, should be yourself, with self-care being recognized as necessary for overall well-being. One way to show yourself some love is to pamper your skin.

Here are five tips to improve your complexion.

TIP #1: Go for a facial

There are plenty of benefits associated with regular facials. Not only can they keep skin clear of congestion and remove blemishes safely but they can also treat and improve hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Give your face some love by scheduling one this month.

TIP #2: Clean up your diet

No, eating one candy bar won’t lead to a breakout! But, having a healthy, balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants most of the time will result in a more radiant complexion. Foods that promote skin health include red and yellow bell peppers, fatty fish, walnuts, and avocados.

It’s the Month of Love and what better time to show your skin how much you care?

TIP #3: Apply sunscreen daily

It might still be winter but that doesn’t mean you don’t need SPF! Not only can UV rays penetrate through clouds and reflect off snow but our screens also emit blue light, which can cause similar damage to the sun. You should also reapply every few hours.

TIP #4: Use a mask

We don’t advise picking up a cheap one at the drugstore! Instead, use one that is a high-quality formulation and suits your skin type and objectives. They work by delivering a concentrated dose of active ingredients to your skin to give your complexion a boost.

Have you tried a sheet mask?

TIP #5: Visit a dermatologist

Everyone should be visiting a board-certified dermatologist once a year for a skin check. This is the best way to care for your skin as the doctor will be able to detect any ominous changes. Click here to schedule an appointment with an APDerm practitioner near you.

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