How post-procedure treatments can improve your healing

Are you interested in exploring post-procedure treatments? Keep reading to find out which ones we recommend.

There are many different dermatological procedures available, some medical and some cosmetic. Some of them are also more invasive and others less so. Almost all of them, however, can benefit from the addition of post-procedure treatments to your routine. They are able to speed up the recovery process and help you heal properly for the best end result.

Perfecting the post-procedure process

After any dermatological procedure, regardless of how invasive it is, will come a recovery period. This process is important because if something doesn’t heal correctly, it could affect the final result. The good news is that there are products available to speed up healing and make your skin feel more comfortable. They are designed with sensitive skin in mind to lower the risk of irritation.

Here are four that we recommend to restore your skin.

APDerm Aloe Cort Cream (1% Hydrocortisone): Aloe is known for its skin-soothing properties. This cream combines it with hydrocortisone so that you get the most effective relief for post-procedure skin. It also gives your complexion a hydration boost.

APDermAloe Cort Cream (1% Hydrocortisone)


Arnika Forte Tablets: Whether you have just had dermal fillers or a most invasive procedure, this medication can provide relief from the pain, swelling and bruising it might cause. It can also help to promote a quicker recovery.

Arnika Forte Tablets


SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream: Ceramides are needed for a healthy complexion and for your skin barrier to function optimally. This moisturizer helps to deeply nourish your skin post-procedure when it is feeling dry and sensitive.

SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream


EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel: This gel cream can be applied directly after receiving laser treatment and throughout the post-procedure process to aid in healing. Containing enzymes and hyaluronic acid, it adds moisture while simultaneously cooling the skin.

EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel


It’s also crucial to add a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your post-procedure treatment plan. This should also be reapplied every two hours if you are spending time outdoors. Your skin will burn more easily so SPF is necessary to protect your sensitized skin.

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