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How to look after your skin during the festive season

The festive season is filled with food for the soul, but it can take a toll on your skin. Here are some common concerns at this time of the year, and how to prevent and treat them.


But between the icy cold weather, indoor heating, and going overboard on food and merriment, our skin can start to suffer. This means that instead of taking a vacation from your skincare routine, you should pay extra attention to it. This can help to counteract the negative effects that can go hand-in-hand with the holidays.

Here are four festive season lifestyle changes that can disrupt your skin, and how to treat them for a clear complexion.

  1. Dealing with extra stress

What, you thought it would be a vacation?! For many people, the festive season actually brings with it additional stress. These often come in the form of extended family and extra spending.

The skin of someone experiencing elevated stress levels may appear dull and dry due to the overproduction of the body’s stress hormone – cortisol. Too much cortisol can damage the collagen in the skin. Collagen is what gives structure and elasticity to the skin, giving it a soft and supple appearance.

Treat it Wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Exfoliate two to three times a week to get rid of any dry, flaky skin. Then apply a serum containing hyaluronic acid – the moisture molecule. Follow up with a rich night cream to seal the products in and prevent transepidermal water loss.

  1. A change in sleeping patterns

The festive season can disrupt your regular sleeping pattern. Time flies when you are having fun, after all! But, just like with stress, not getting enough sleep also triggers the release of cortisol.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it will show! Your skin will likely appear dark and puffy around the eyes. As it impacts your immune system, you can also develop acne.

Treat it Always remove your makeup thoroughly before going to bed. Use a cooling eye mask to reduce puffiness. Apply a retinol serum, which promotes collagen production. Try to make sleep a priority to keep yourself, and your skin, balanced.

  1. Excessive consumption of alcohol

Just like everything in life, festive cheer should be enjoyed in moderation. This isn’t just for your skin, but your overall short- and long-term wellbeing.

Having one too many the night before may result in skin that is puffy, red, and dehydrated the following morning. It can also trigger existing skin conditions, such as rosacea.

Treat it Treat your skin’s dehydration from the inside, out. Drink sufficient water, boosted with hydration salts if necessary. Use a hydrating essence or serum to restore moisture levels.

  1. Consuming too much sugar

We know that sugar is responsible for inflammation throughout the body. We also know that it tastes *really* good, and food during the festive season is filled with it!

Suddenly consuming more of it than usual (or is healthy!) can lead to flare-ups of conditions such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis. It can also make skin dry, uneven, and uncomfortable.

Treat it Restore your skin’s radiance by incorporating an antioxidant into your routine. Using a vitamin C serum will help to keep your complexion bright and healthy. Apply a moisturizing cream to your entire body daily to help hydrate the skin and maintain a healthy skin barrier. For best results, apply to damp skin after bathing or showering.

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