Hyaluronic acid: What you need to know about this popular skincare ingredient

Want to know why there is so much hype around hyaluronic acid? Here’s what this popular skincare ingredient can do for your skin.

Hyaluronic acid is having a *major* moment. It was one of the top trending skincare ingredients in 2020 and its popularity – and cult following! – continues to grow. It is also used in both topical and injectable treatments and is commonly found in lip fillers, serums, eye creams, and moisturizers.

hyaluronic acid

Did you know the best way to apply hyaluronic acid, is to apply it to damp skin?

But why, exactly, has hyaluronic acid become so popular in recent years? It’s because of what it can do for your skin.

The hype around hyaluronic acid

It is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies. Known as nature’s moisture molecule, its function ranges from keeping your eyes moist to lubricating your joints. When it comes to our skin, it binds water to collagen to increase the hydration of the epidermis. This helps to make our skin appear dewy, plump, and healthy.

As we age and during certain seasons, our skin barriers can become compromised which can lead to dehydration of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning it attracts water to the skin to help it stay hydrated. Incorporating a moisturizer or serum into your routine that contains this powerhouse ingredient can improve moisture levels and give skin a healthy glow.

How to use it

Being a gentler active, it can be used by most skin types without risk of irritation. But there is a certain technique when it comes to applying it topically to yield the best results. Many people mistakenly think massaging it into dry skin will give it a boost of hydration.

In fact, the best way to use it is to apply it to damp skin. This is because it then traps the excess water that will keep the skin hydrated. When applied to dry skin, it pulls water from the skin’s natural reserve and can have the opposite effect.

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