New Year, New Complexion: 5 Skincare Resolutions to Commit to in 2022!

These five skincare resolutions will help to treat and transform your skin for a healthy glow all year round.

We all start each New Year off with the best of intentions to make better choices and lead better lives.


According to research by Strava, most people give up on their resolutions as early as 19 January each year. And (almost) three weeks isn’t nearly enough time to turn good intentions into good habits!

This doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t try your best to make positive changes over the upcoming months. And you can start with your complexion! Here are five skincare resolutions worth sticking to this year – and always.

Stop sleeping with makeup on

The last thing anyone feels like doing after a late night is a full skincare routine. And while not all steps are necessary, making sure that all your makeup is removed is crucial. Sleeping with your makeup on can lead to dry, lackluster skin and premature signs of aging. Use an oil cleanser, balm or micellar water to get all of it off before you hit the hay.

Take skincare down your neck

Most of us are guilty of spending the most amount of time and concentrating all of our products on our face. But the neck and décolletage, as well as the top of the hands, are some of the first places to develop lines. Think of the neck, face, and chest area as one and the same and treat them all equally.

Wear SPF 356 days a year

Sunscreen isn’t meant to be applied only when spending time outdoors. We should be applying it several times a day all year round. This is because it’s not just the sun that can cause damage but the blue light emitted from our gadgets as well.

resolutions wear sunscreen

Don’t use expired skincare products

Got some crusty-looking bottles at the back of your beauty cupboard? Sounds like it’s time for a cleanup! Most products these days will have a manufacturing or a ‘Best Before’ date printed somewhere on the container. Use it beyond this date and you run the risk of having an adverse reaction.

Change your linen regularly

This applies not just to your bedding but to your towels, too. After 2 – 3 uses or sleeps, they need to be washed or changed to prevent your clean skin from coming into contact with a buildup of oil, sweat, and dirt that can worsen or increase the frequency of breakouts.

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