Pediatric dermatology is a field of dermatology that treats children from birth through adolescence. They treat conditions such as birthmarks, acne, eczema or warts. They also diagnose and treat disorders affecting the hair and nails. They can provide medical and surgical treatment for a variety of disorders.

What Happens During a First Visit with a Pediatric Dermatologist?

Pediatric dermatologists often work with other medical professionals. During the first visit, the dermatologist will take the patient’s medical history. They will want to know how long the patient has had the condition, how severe the symptoms are, etc. The dermatologist will then perform a physical exam. During the exam, the dermatologist will check the patient’s whole body for other possible skin problems, like suspicious-looking moles. If the dermatologist believes it to be necessary, they may also order tests.

What Kinds of Tests Might a Pediatric Dermatologist Order?

A pediatric dermatologist might order blood tests, a tissue biopsy, skin scrapings, excisions or a skin culture. A skin culture is used to identify infectious agents that might be growing in a wound or on the skin. The dermatologist takes a sample of the patient’s skin and puts it in a container with a substance or culture medium that helps organisms grow. If nothing grows, the results are negative. If something does grow, the results are positive. The dermatologist can then identify the fungus, bacteria or virus causing the infection.

When Should a Parent Schedule an Appointment with a Pediatric Dermatologist?

It depends. Some skin conditions, like albinism, port wine stains or ichthyosis vulgaris, are congenital, which means the child is born with the condition. In such cases, the parent should consult with a pediatric dermatologist as soon as possible. The dermatologist can describe the various treatment options available.

Some conditions, such as acne, can be hard on a child’s self-esteem. The child himself or herself may want to go to a pediatric dermatologist. Other times, the child’s regular pediatrician will recommend that they go to a pediatric dermatologist.

What Does a Pediatric Dermatologist Treat?

A pediatric dermatologist treats a variety of skin disorders that affect infants, children and adolescents. Among the conditions they treat are the following:

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