Skinimalism is the newest trend to achieve glowing skin!

Skinimalism is trending online and requires that you use fewer products to achieve a glowing complexion. Here’s how it works.

Over the last few years, more and more different types of skincare products have entered the market. This, combined with the influence of the Korean Beauty movement and their famous 10-step routine, has made our skincare regimens longer and more complicated. However, there is a new trend here to change all that and make life simpler. Say ‘hello’ to skinimalism!

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism – a blend of the words ‘skin’ and ‘minimalism’ – is a new approach to skincare. It first gained popularity on the social networking platform, TikTok. In essence, it’s about using fewer skincare products to achieve the same results as an unnecessarily lengthy routine. Most people don’t have loads of time to dedicate to their skin!


Have you heard of skinimalism?

It is still possible to deliver the ingredients your skin needs to thrive without using tons of products. In fact, by applying layer after layer, you put your skin at risk of irritation or breaking out. It is also much more difficult to identify a product your skin doesn’t like when you are using a lot of them.

By making the switch from drugstore buys to cosmeceuticals and medical-grade skincare, you can get higher doses of active ingredients delivered to your skin. These may cost slightly more but they have been developed by or alongside professionals to guarantee their efficiency. All you need to do is use them correctly and consistently!

While many people use upward of five products for their skincare routine, skinimalism has them cutting back. In the mornings, all you need is to cleanse and apply an antioxidant serum and a moisturizing sunscreen. At night, you just need an exfoliating cleanser, a serum or topical to treat signs of aging, and a restorative night cream. You might need to spend more time reading ingredient labels to make sure you are using active ones but once you’ve got your simple routine on lock you will have more time for yourself (without having to compromise on your complexion).

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