The Tween Skincare Craze: What Parents Should Know – as seen on NBC

In the age of influencers and social media, trends can spread like wildfire, especially among tweens and teens. One such trend that’s been making waves is the burgeoning interest in skincare among this demographic. From high-end brands sold at Sephora and Ulta to the allure of products of Drunk Elephant, the skincare craze among adolescents is hard to ignore. But as parents, it’s essential to understand what exactly our kids are getting into and whether these products are more harmful than helpful.

Recent reports have shed light on the increasing obsession among teens and tweens with skincare, including coverage by NBC featuring our very own Chief Medical Officer, Oluwatobi Ogbechie-Godec, MD, MBA, FAAD. Influencers on platforms like TikTok are often the driving force behind the promotion of pricey skincare brands, leading to a surge in spending. Shockingly, teens are now shelling out an average of $324 annually on their skincare regimens.

So, what’s driving this obsession? According to Dr. O, a skincare expert, the allure lies in the prestige associated with high-end brands. However, parents are rightfully questioning whether this expenditure is a need or merely a want.

Dr. O emphasizes that for normal preteen skin, a complex five-step skincare routine is entirely unnecessary. In fact, it could potentially do more harm than good. Ingredients like peptides, glycolic acid, and retinol, often touted in buzzworthy products, are a hard no for young skin.

Dr. O explains why we should exercise caution with potent skincare ingredients.  “In some cases, they can strip their skin of the oils that you actually need to moisturize your skin. They can also cause dry skin and cause a rash.  That can lead to other problems in the end, like discoloration.”  Products carried at most pharmacies can do the trick for teens and tweens, under $15.

So, what’s the golden rule for skincare, according to Dr. O? SPF, SPF, SPF! Sun protection is paramount for both adults and kids alike, safeguarding against the harmful effects of UV rays.

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