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These summer skin concerns are *totally* preventable

Some skin concerns are more prevalent in summer. But they don’t have to happen at all! Here are four that are preventable.

There are a lot of different skin concerns, some of which are more commonly experienced during certain seasons. When it comes to summer problems, some of these are less preventable, such as brushes with poisonous plants, bug bites and sun allergies. Others, however, can be prevented if cautionary steps are taken.

Here are four common summer skin woes that are both preventable and treatable.


Too much sun exposure not only accelerates photoaging but can also lead to skin cancer. It can also give you a painful sunburn. This can be prevented by staying out of the sun during the hottest times of the day, seeking out shade and applying sunscreen every day (and reapplying it every couple of ours when spending time outdoors).

Summer skin concerns


One of the skin concerns that many people struggle with in the warmer months is more breakouts. This is because sweat mixes with the bacteria on our skin and can also clog our pores, resulting in blemishes. Prevent this by switching to non-comedogenic skincare products and washing off excess perspiration after breaking a sweat.

Heat rash

Also called prickly heat, this condition presents as a rash with small, itchy bumps. They block sweat glands and, when the area is scratched, they can break, which is what causes the prickling sensation. It is often caused by excess sweating and can be prevented by wearing loose clothing and keeping your skin cool.

Swimmer’s itch

Have you ever experienced a rash accompanied by small, red, itchy spots after spending time in the water? This could be a case of swimmer’s itch, which happens when parasites burrow under your skin. Blisters and welts can also form. Avoid contracting this by staying out of infested or questionable bodies of water.

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