Tips for relief when you’re struggling with seasonal eczema

Are your itchy skin flare-ups and rashes worse when the weather warms up? If you’re struggling with seasonal eczema, here’s how to get some relief.

Do you struggle with eczema? You are not alone. It’s a condition that is experienced by one in 10 people and can be aggravated when the weather gets warmer as we approach spring. If you want to prevent seasonal eczema flare-ups this year (and always!), here are five tips to keep your skin soothed and soft.

TIP #1: Drink enough water

The weather is warming up which means soon we’ll be perspiring more. This means that it’s even more crucial to ensure that you are drinking enough water. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your whole body – including your skin – stays optimally hydrated.

seasonal eczema

TIP #2: Use gentle skincare

When you are buying products to use on your face and body, look for ones that provide nourishment and soothe the skin without the risk of developing sensitivity. Look for fragrance-free formulas designed with sensitive skin and skin conditions in mind.

TIP #3: Wear loose clothing

If you are experiencing a flare-up, avoid tight clothing and opt for looser items. They should ideally be made from a natural material, such as linen or cotton, which can breathe. Also, try to avoid synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, which can aggravate itchy skin.

TIP #4: Avoid hot + treated water

You might think that floating in the pool or having a hot bath is good for your skin because it involves water. But water that’s treated with chemicals, such as chlorine, and water that’s too hot can strip your skin of the oils necessary to keep your skin barrier healthy.

TIP #2: Avoid hot + treated water

TIP #5: Consult a professional

Sometimes, over-the-counter creams and medications just aren’t enough to soothe stubborn eczema. In these cases, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment  with a skincare professional so they can advise on the right course of treatment to restore your skin.

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