What *not* to do after getting cosmetic injections

Have you got a fresh face of cosmetic injections? Here’s what you shouldn’t do right after your appointment.

There are tons of benefits to getting cosmetic injections as they can give your complexion a refresh. In most cases, they can be administered during a lunch break, with just minor bruising and swelling, if any, experienced for a few days. The two most popular non-surgical treatments are Botox, which can prevent wrinkles and lessen the appearance of fine lines, and filler, which can fill in sunken areas and give lips a volume boost.

Even though there is minimal downtime, there are some things you should avoid doing right after your appointment to yield the best results. Here are five of them:

What *not* to do after getting cosmetic injections

Working out

If ever there was a good excuse to skip your gym session, it’s just after getting injectables! It’s recommended that you avoid strenuous exercise. This is because the increase in body temperature can make your swelling worse. You can resume your normal activities again after 24 – 48 hours.

Taking flights

If you are jetting off to an event, don’t get your Botox or fillers just before take-off! It’s recommended that you schedule your appointment for at least a week before you catch a flight, especially international ones. This is because the air pressure in the cabins can increase swelling and bruising.

Facial treatments

Getting regular facial treatments can go a long way in preserving your skin and getting your complexion glowing. You shouldn’t, however, book one right after you get injectables. Botox and filler both need time to settle in place so you get the desired result. We suggest waiting for about two weeks.


Drinking should be avoided not just for at least 24 hours after your session but for a couple of days prior, too. The reason? Alcohol thins your blood, which can make you more susceptible to bleeding during your appointment, more swelling and bruising afterward, and an extended recovery time.

Avoid alcohol

Sun exposure

We should all be avoiding spending long periods in sunlight anyway to prevent skin cancer and UV damage. This is even more important after an appointment. The injection site can become redder from sitting in the sun and it can affect the final results. Wait for at least a week (and always apply SPF!).


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