You know those neck wrinkles you can't seem to escape? That’s called ‘tech neck’

You know those neck wrinkles you can’t seem to escape? That’s called ‘tech neck’

‘Tech neck’ is the term coined for the wrinkles in the neck caused by our posture. The good news? It is both preventable and treatable! Here’s what you need to know to keep your skin smooth.

We live in the technological age. While this comes with loads of benefits, there are downsides too. And one of them is the development of wrinkles in the neck area, also known as ‘tech neck’ – a result of spending too much time hunched over our phones and laptops. It makes sense that this problem is on the rise: A study conducted in 2019 revealed that 44% of Americans experience anxiety when separated from their smartphones. But is there anything that can be done to prevent or treat this side-effect of digital life?

The trouble with ‘tech neck’

‘Tech neck’ isn’t just a problem for people from an esthetic standpoint, either. Long hours hunched over our gadgets means that we can also start to experience pain in the neck and shoulder region. This can lead to muscular and postural issues that may need the assistance of a physiotherapist.

You know those neck wrinkles you can't seem to escape? That’s called ‘tech neck’

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent (or at least delay) the development of neck wrinkles caused by our bad habits. These include:

Repositioning your phone. Instead of always holding your phone to your chest and looking down, try holding it higher as much as possible to minimize folding your neck.

Exercising your neck. If you are experiencing pain as a result of ‘tech neck’, make exercise part of your daily routine. Yoga and stretching can help to soothe tense muscles.

Improving your workstation. Raise your computer so that it’s slightly above, rather than below, eye level. Or consider investing in a standing desk to improve your posture.

Treatment options

For people wanting to treat signs of ‘tech neck’ and wrinkles in that area, there are topical products and several treatment options available. When performing your skincare routine, don’t forget to cover the neck and décolletage areas, too. Ingredients, such as retinol, can combat neck wrinkles, as can using certain actives and plenty of moisturizer.

TIP: Put down your phone. As in, give yourself a break from your technology. Studies have shown the benefits of turning off technology at least 2 hours before bed. We know that the blue light emitted from our devices can disrupt melatonin production which can make for poor sleep. Our skin benefits from quality sleep. Good sleep = Good skin.

If you have pronounced neck wrinkles and want to explore your treatment options, click here to schedule an appointment with an APDerm practitioner near you.

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