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Featured Services: Acne Treatment

Acne can affect anyone – newborns, children, teens and even menopausal women can get acne. Acne is not only pimples – it also can include whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules and more. APDerm has a variety of acne treatments including topical creams and gels, antibiotics, medications and more. Book an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist at the Arlington, MA APDerm location today to discuss your acne treatment.


Featured Services: Skin Checks

Skin checks by a board-certified dermatologist are recommended at least once per year. If you are at higher risk of skin cancer, we may recommend you visit us more than once per year. We can screen for common skin cancers, and also help treat a wide variety of medical dermatologic conditions for patients of all ages including moles, rosacea, Connective Tissue Disease and more. Book your appointment with APDerm in Arlington, MA today.

22 Mill Street
Suite 304
Arlington, MA 02476
Phone: (978) 244-0060

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22 Mill Street
Suite 304
Arlington, MA 02476

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