Clinical Trials and Research

At APDerm, our providers pride themselves in delivering the best in medical and cosmetic dermatological care. In order to consistently deliver cutting-edge treatments, our network is in constant collaboration, performing clinical trials and researching the latest in trends and innovation when it comes to treating skin conditions. In this way, we hope to bring about innovative and meaningful change to our patients and advancement in the dermatology community at large. 

Clinical Trials

Clinical research is key to improving the treatments we have available for our patients. It also impacts the ways in which our patients are able to access these treatments via their healthcare team. 

APDerm’s clinical research efforts are intended to help dermatologists and medical professionals understand the real-world use of approved medications. Our experts also investigate promising new therapies and evaluate emerging technologies. Through this work, our patients have access to investigational products that are otherwise unavailable. 


At APDerm, we actively engage in research and our team of experts are always investigating new ways to diagnose conditions and deliver treatment. 

We are currently participating in registries for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

We are also actively engaged in building out infrastructure to support Phase II-IV clinical research for difficult and impactful dermatologic diseases. These include: