Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Also known as blue light therapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT) is proven effective at eliminating certain types of skin cancer cells and providing relief to patients with chronic skin conditions and acne. This treatment requires the application of a photosensitizing drug which is then activated using a light source and eliminates the need for surgery on… Read more »

Patch Testing / Contact Dermatitis

Many people who experience itchy skin or unexplained rashes could have an underlying allergy. Patch testing is a way to establish if this is the case and, if so, what the patient is allergic to. Unlike atopic dermatitis – or eczema – which is an autoimmune condition, contact dermatitis refers to rashes or lesions that… Read more »

Education and Teaching

At APDerm, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront when it comes to providing expert dermatological care. We are also continuously striving to improve so that our patients receive the most effective treatment for their skin conditions.  We do this by allowing our providers the opportunity and encouraging them to upgrade, develop and hone… Read more »

Clinical Trials and Research

At APDerm, our providers pride themselves in delivering the best in medical and cosmetic dermatological care. In order to consistently deliver cutting-edge treatments, our network is in constant collaboration, performing clinical trials and researching the latest in trends and innovation when it comes to treating skin conditions. In this way, we hope to bring about… Read more »


Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo Skin disorders can cause severe physical changes to the dermis, which is the thick layer of living tissue that sits below the epidermis, forming the skin. These patches can be large and may be challenging to live with. Skin diseases like psoriasis and vitiligo can make it uncomfortable to participate… Read more »


Acne can be unsightly and painful. In addition to the physical toll, it can also saddle sufferers with poor self-esteem and even depression. A drug called Accutane® (isotretinoin) offers acne sufferers a potent, highly-effective option for clearing even the most stubborn acne. For more than 20 years, Accutane® has successfully helped patients with severe recalcitrant… Read more »


Affecting 40 to 50 million Americans, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. While it occurs most often in teens and young adults, acne does not discriminate. Newborns, children and even menopausal women can get acne. Virtually everyone living with acne can achieve clearer skin. Medical advances have been made to… Read more »

Acne Scarring

If you have acne scars—you are not alone! Acne scarring is a direct result from the most common skin condition in the United States – acne. Acne scarring occurs when there has been a permanent change in the fibrous connective tissue of the skin. Damage to your skin is caused by inflamed blemishes breaking the… Read more »

Alopecia/Hair loss

Alopecia affects nearly 6.8 million people in the United States today. Alopecia is hair loss on the scalp and body that results from hormonal changes, aging, autoimmune disorder, manual manipulation, medications, and other rare causes. It affects men and women and can be temporary or permanent. In some cases, people will notice small, quarter sized… Read more »